Jonathan Calderon
Jonathan Calderon | Marketing Consultant


Jeremy Smith
Creative Director

Jonathan has to be one of the most energetic, pop/internet savvy, complex, caring and interesting guys I've met in a long time. He's invented how to stay young, in health, knowledge and ideas. He's always there with a quick whip to make sure the team isn't getting bogged down in stress. He's also always there for his team, wether it be food for all or support via art. Jonathan will make a difference to any team he's on and I promise that team will find themselves wondering how it was ever without him

Tim Hey
National Sales Director

Jonathan has an awesome attitude and is great to work with. The creative energy and attention to every pixel is what really makes his work stand out. When it comes to generating new ideas or injecting some real authenticity into a project Jonathan in the first guy that comes to mind. I expect Jonathan to exceed expectations on his journey.

Josh Barret
Creative director at WonderfulMayhem

He is a strong designer in every area of design as we'll as very proficient in digital layout and execution. Jon is one of those creatives that is continually reaching for higher concepts and craft in both ideas and layout. He has a great attitude about staying late and showed initiative by working on his own time on weekends—always creating. Jon also showed patience and honed his art direction skills working with designers. I would recommend Jon for any sort of creative venture moving forward.

Rich Parubrub
ACD at Bohan

Jonathan has a mature approach to the work. His thinking is not creative for creative’s sake, but thinking with a reason for being– creativity that’s rooted in truth about a product or service. He’s a tough critic when it comes to reviewing his ideas and tackles every job with energy and enthusiasm.

In short, I’m confident Jonathan would prove to be a welcome addition to any creative department. 

Blake Lawrence
Founder/CEO at opendorse

The first time I met Jonathan, his passion for excellence was apparent. He spends time on the little things, and will not stop working until he has created something truly memorable. His design skills are out of this world, and his efficiency in design is even more impressive. Throw in the fact he is a great co-worker, and this guy has it all.

Tom Archer
Senior Copywriter

Jonathan has a great since of visual style and a smart approach to creative problem solving. Any agency would benefit from his creativity and ability to twist ideas until they are both smart and fun to look at.

Art Novak
Professor at SCAD

Jonathan Calderon is a highly conceptual art director who cares very deeply about the quality of the work and has a natural understanding of what an ad needs in terms of layout. His considerable talents led me to select Jonathan as a member of our National Student Advertising Competition team, comprising some of the top students in our department.

Sean Trapani
Owner, Wine Fluent

Jonathan is a thoughtful, collaborative creative who cares deeply about his executions.